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Application Covering

National Council For Teacher Education

Form of application for grant of recognized of teacher education institute /permission to start a new course or merest in intake (other then open and distance learning system)

1. General particulars /information:

1 Name Of Institute: M.K.B. Mahila B.Ed. Mahavidyalaya.
2 Address of the Institution where it is running or proposing to run : Shivaji Marg, Nehru Nagar, Jaipur-16
3 Address for communication : M.K.B. Mahila B.Ed. Mahavidyalaya.
(a) Postal Address Shivaji Marg, Nehru Nagar, Jaipur-16
(b) Phone No. (with STD Code) 0141-2301486
(c) Fax No. 2280998
(d) E-Mail
(a) Date of establishment of the Society 30 July, 1969
  Registration No. Reg. No. 99/1969-70
(b) Date of renewal and registration No. Permanent Registration
5 Courses run in the premises Teacher Training & Others Please List :
6 (a) Course(s) Proposed
Name of the course in full Stage / level (such as secondary elementary) Duration Year of starting the course Intake / Unit(s) proposed
Secondary, Teacher Education Programme Secondary 2 Years 2006-07 100 Seats (2 Unit)
7 In case of Existing Course details including proposal for additional intake.
Name of the course in full Stage / level (such as secondary elementary) Duration Year of starting the course Intake / Unit(s) proposed Regional Committee Order No. Additional intake appliec for
8 Name of the University Examining Body to which the institution is affiliated or would be affiliated  : University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
9(a) Number and date of issue of the NOC :
10 Land and Building :                                                      Yes                               NO
a) Whether the Institution proposes to run the college in own building free from all encumbrances.     Annexure No. 01      Page Nos. 1 to 3 ---
i) Whether the institution proposes to run the college on rented building ?
ii) In case of rented building complete postal address of rented premises.
iii) Complete Postal address of permanent building
iv) Expected date of shifting in the permanent building required to be shown.
c) Whether the construction of classroom, hall library, laboratories and instructional space have been completed ? If yes attached documents in support.      Annexure No. 02   
Page Nos. 4 &5
d) Whether the construction of Principal's Room, Faculty Room, Office Room, Store Room has been completed ? If yes attach documents in support.     Annexure No. 03      Page Nos. 6& 7  
e) Whether the institution has playground (football/ hockey etc.)?     Annexure No. 04       Page Nos. 8 & 9  
f) i) Affidavit verifying facts :-
a) Actual location of the institution including khasra No. / Plot No. etc. where the proposed course will be run by the institution, duly attested by the Notary.
b) That land and building of the institution for running the proposed Course are free from all encumbrances ( i.e. no loan/ mortgage on land and building )
     Annexure No. 05      Page Nos. 10  
i) Whether the institution has hostel facility ?
ii) Whether Hostel facility for girls separately available.
 Annexure No. 06    
Page Nos. 11
11 Instructional Facilities :
11.1 Science Laboratory
Duly furnished Science Laboratory is available? If Yes please list equipments.   Annexure No. 07      
Page Nos. 12 to 31
11.2 Psychology Laboratory
Duly furnished Psychology Laboratory is available? If Yes please list equipments. Annexure No. 08     
Page Nos. 32 to 37
11.3 Educational Technology Laboratory
Educational Technology Lab consisting of computer, CD Roms, Access to Internet, Availability of OHP, TV, VCR, Public Address System are available ? Annexure No. 09     Page Nos. 38 to 40 Yes
11.4 Facilities for Language Learning
Duly furnished Facilities for Language learning are available or not. Annexure No. 10  
 Page Nos. 41 to 42
11.5(a) Library resources (Proposed programme)
Whether the Library resources including Text Books, Ref. Books Journals & encyclopedia are available or not. Annexure No. 11     Page Nos. 43 to 67  
11.5(b) Library resources (exiting  programme)
Number of Books, journals/ periodicals, encyclopedia, references books, sitting capacity available in the library (existing) Annexure No. 12
Page Nos. 69 to 70
11.6 Furniture
Whether adequate furniture in the class rooms, library, laboratories etc. have been provided ? Annexure No. 13
Page Nos. 71 to 72

12 Human Resource Information:
12.1 Details of selection of Teaching Staff
Whether the selection committee has been constituted as per the provisions of State Govt. / University concerned.
Annexure No. 14
Page Nos. 73
12.2 Process of recruitment
Whether the process or recruitment of teaching staff initiated such advertisement in the newspapers, scrutiny of the applications conduct of interview & issue of offer letters of appointment ?
Annexure No. 15     Page Nos. 74 to 76
12.3  Payments to Teaching Staff
Whether the Payment to teaching staff based on the scale of pay according to Central Govt. /UGC/ State Govt. Annexure No.____          Page Nos. _______ As per State Govt. rules
12.4 Appointment of Non-teaching Staff of the Institution
Whether the process of appointment of Non- teaching staff initiated ? Annexure No. 16         Page Nos. 77 to 100  
13 Physical Education Resources ( For Physical Education Programme only )
Whether the Physical Education Resources
( for PE Programme) are available or not.
Annexure No.____        Page Nos. _______  
14 Financial Details :
i) Whether the original FDR of Rs. 5 lak has been submitted in the office of NRC.



a) Amount of Endowment fund 5.00 Lacs
b) FDR Number      E 311816, dated : 30-12-  2004
c) Name of the Bank Central Bank of India
d) Branch & Address TPS-Extension Counter, Shastri Nagar Road, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur-16.
ii) Whether provision of an FDR of an amount equal to three months salary of the staff has been made.                  :                  60 months     
a) Amount of Endowment fund 3.00 Lacs    
b)  FDR Number      C 281571    
c) Name of the Bank Central Bank of India    
d) Branch & Address TPS-Extension Counter, Shastri Nagar Road, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur-16.    
15 Certificate of accreditation with minimum B+ grade by NAAC (applicable only in cases of additional intakes and new course except elementary teacher training courses.)

Place : Jaipur

Date : 01-07-2004                             Full Name in capital letters : P. D. SINGH

                                                     Designation of the applicant : Secretary

                                                            Seal of the Institution

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